July 3, 2010

Do you own a sewing machine?

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Click on the  tab in the upper right corner to tell me about your machine!

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  1. Wendy said,

    Well yes I do, two actually. I started out a few years ago with brother that I found for I think a little over a hundred dollars. I used it quite a bit as I learned the basics of sewing (mind you, the basics as they pertained to me ; ). About a year after I had begun my journey into sewing, I was gifted an almost never used Viking 1 and WOW, can I say UPGRADE? It is absolutely amazing and I have yet to use every feature. Every time I learn how to use another feature, I am blown away with how easy Viking has made it all for me. I love the weight of this machine, I love the ease in which the fabric is pulled through and just everything else that I have had time to figure out so far. I recently began to teach my ten year old daughter how to sew. I pulled out the (very dusty) Brother thinking that she could learn on it… That lasted all of ten minutes when I got frustrated and let her loose on my Viking. Now she is spoiled and when she finds out what the Brother feels like, I doubt she’ll ever want to use it lol.

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