August 28, 2010

Polly’s Diaper Bag: Crunching Numbers

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Bitty Baby - $45

(See post from August 26 for original article on this project.)

Here is the breakdown of the materials cost for this project:

Green Print, 1/2 yard @ $3.99/yd. = $2.00

Pink Plaid, 1/3 yard @ 2.99/yd. = $1.00

Cotton Batting, 20″ x 24″ = $1.88

Ric- Rac, 20″ = $.32

I couldn’t tell you the exact cost for threads and two buttons, but we will add this amount = $.20

Grand Total for Materials: $5.40

Baby accessories from Dollar Tree: $3.18 (incl. tax.)

Bitty Baby's Diaper Bag - $36

(Keep in mind, the need for quantity in the materials for this bag are small, I chose to buy new fabric, but I  could have made this without any of these costs.)

It did take me a few hours to turn this out, but I had fun, it is unique and Polly is happily mothering with her own special essentials.  Now, I am not the first person to think of this, am I?  Christmas is coming, with good planning, you can spend $8.58 instead of $36 (with shipping.)    How do you plan your projects so that you aren’t up all night on Christmas Eve or stressed out on Thanksgiving?  Share your experiences in the Comments section below!



  1. Wendy said,

    This is wonderful! Yasmeen (my eldest now 10) has passed down her Itty Bitty baby to her little brother and sister and now I am thinking that my first bag should be a diaper bag for each of them!

    As far as Christmas planning goes, I am horrible. I am the girl who is up for 3 days before Christmas trying desperately to finish everything I am making and get it wrapped in time. If I succeed at getting it all done in advance this year, I’ll come back and post how I did it ; )

  2. Sandy said,

    My homemade Christmas gifts are usually planned in January and abandoned in November. 😦

  3. lynn said,

    This is my first time visiting. You have some cute projects here. I seem to have two left thumbs when it comes to sewing and figuring out patterns, which makes me admire all the more those who have a real talent for it. When making Christmas gifts, I am better off at giving either food gifts or things like cross-stitched ornaments which require no real talent, just the ability to read 😉

    • kdthreads said,

      Welcome! Personally, I’d be quite happy with food gifts. Have you ever given muffin mixes (or any mix) as a gift? It would be simple to sew little open-top bags (by hand or machine) to package mixes. You could just use ribbon to close the top and attach a recipe card. Someone gave me an organic, no refined sugar, muffin mix once. I loved it as my pantry was not stocked with organic or alternative/whole staples for baking. I felt confident making them since all I had to do was toss the contents in a bowl and add a few things. Voila! I was an organic-muffin goddess 🙂

  4. elaine said,

    Hi~ saw a comment on Passionate Homemakers blog about using Fels Naptha for poison ivy and duct tape for warts — I posted a question there but wasn’t sure if you would be notified of follow up comments so I’m posting here, as well. And, while I was here I had a blast poking around your site — very motivational with the holidays creeping up 🙂 My question about Fels Naptha was what to do?? I’ve got a daughter that is dealing with a case of it right now and we are trying everything!! Please tell me what to do with it! And, duct tape for warts? The other daughter is struggling with 2 of those and most of the remedies seem to be for Plantar’s Warts and not the old, garden variety. Is she just supposed to put a piece of tape over it at night and take it off the next morning? That’s it? It would be so wonderful if it would work – we have tried several things for that as well (all unsuccessful to date). Thanks for letting me crash your comment section 🙂

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