December 17, 2010

New Years’ Resolution: Keep the Sewing Machine Humming and Camera Rolling

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Dear Faithful Readers,

I am so excited to announce that Santa Claus is bringing me a new digital video camera and tripod in his sleigh!  If you have not treated yourself to a fun notebook and binder, make them a Christmas present to yourself.  Finally, I will be able to film the sewing machine in action and you will actually be able to see the needle!  If you can steal away some “me” time, be frivolous, make some tea, put on some music (or a based-on Jane Austen DVD) and assemble your sewing binder.  Remember, this could end up being an heirloom, so enjoy making it pretty and a little over-the-top.  Do not get all tied up in using acid-free paper and ink.  My great-aunt’s notebook from 1915 is more precious to me with its tattered pages, faded cover and rusty zipper.

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Your other assignment: request tutorials.  Are you working on a project and stuck on a step?  Is your sewing basket collecting dust because you are still convinced you cannot sew a straight line?  Are you experienced but need some new techniques to inspire you to get back to work?  Ask me!

As your Christmas present to me, request a video, or submit a question/scenario  using the “comments box.”  If you would rather remain anonymous, either e-mail me, or choose that option when entering a comment.  If you don’t send me any requests, I will either ramble or purposefully spoon-feed you boring information in protest 🙂 Remember to click on this page for free printouts and projects you may include in your binder.




August 4, 2010

Updated Pages!

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Check out the “Meet Me” and “Online Printables” pages for new information, photos and files for your sewing notebook!

July 16, 2010

Free Online Printables for Sewing

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Prym Consumer USA is the parent company for popular brands like Dritz, Omnigrid and Fons & Porter.  Their website contains a summary of useful tools for any seamstress, and these free sheets with tips and concepts are a great way to start your reference library.  If you are like me, any chance to turn a three-ring binder into some kind of organizer provides an odd sense of accomplishment.  Sewing will be no different.  If you haven’t grabbed an old binder, page protectors, three-hole punch and some tabs for labeling, get to work and start printing the first pages of your own sewing manual.

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